Work in Japan: 2019 IT and Software Engineering Jobs

Finding IT jobs in Japan is not easy and even harder if you don’t have a good Japanese language skill.

In here, I compile companies and resources you can check to help you find a job here in Japan.

Rakuten (company)

  • Provides Visa Sponsorship
  • Japanese Language Not Required
  • Hires Overseas Applicants

Rakuten is the Amazon of Japan. It started as an online retail e-commerce website. Now, it provides services across multiply industries like banking, insurance, mobile services, etc.

You can check this list of Rakuten jobs.

Mercari (company)

  • Provides Visa Sponsorship
  • Flexible Time Schedule

Mercari is a secondhand online marketplace. It’s probably Japan’s first unicorn company. Based on their website, they are open about hiring foreign workers.

You can check this list of Mercari jobs.

Tokyodev (Job Listing)

  • Provides Visa Sponsorship
  • Japanese Language Not Required
  • Hires Overseas Applicants

TokyoDev is a career blog with a list of Software Engineering jobs targeted for international developers and software engineers. You can check the curated list of jobs specially for English speakers here.

Justa (Job Listing)

Justa is an English job postings, mostly for engineering positions. It has a focus on lesser-known startups.

I haven’t fully check this website and I feel the website is lacking with a good filtering and sorting mechanism.

If you feel like working for start-up companies, check it out in here.

Japandev (Company Listing)

This next one is a full website dedicated for listing tech companies in Japan which accepts foreign workers.

The website provides a summary of each company and also has links to each company’s careers page. Here is the Japandev’s website.

There you go. I hope with the resources above, you’ll be able to find a good company where you can work at the same time, enjoy Japan.

Btw, last one, don’t forget to create a LinkedIn account and make a great profile. A lot of IT recruiters look for candidates from this platform.

That’s all and good luck!