Hello World

The title of this first blog post is self serving because I am a software engineer; “Hello world” is usually the first sample code snippet we see when learning a new programming language.

So basically, what I’m doing here is learning new skills; writing, basic photography and image editing. I need a platform where I can showcase (naks!) my new skills to my friends and collect feedbacks. And the easiest and cheapest platform that I thought was having my own blog site.

So in my next blog posts, you will likely see articles related to my favorite subjects; daily life in Japan, coffee (there are a lot of cool coffee shops here in Tokyo) and technology. I will also be posting articles with a lot of pictures whenever I go traveling around Japan or the Philippines.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I hope you will enjoy your time reading my posts. Thank you!

Note: Please don’t hesitate to call my attention if you see any problem with my post; be it grammar or factual errors.


Author: Rowell

Rowell is a software engineer by day and a frustrated writer at night. When I'm not with my laptop, I am usually with a guitar or watching netflix.

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